McKinsey: Solving the CEO Social Media Riddle – My Comments #Socialmedia #leadership


McKinsey: Solving the CEO Social Media Riddle

My views:

If we go back in time and look at corporate adoption of email, (as per John Markoff) when Bill Gates mentioned in a New York Times panel discussion that he runs Microsoft using email, it seems people were shocked. In general people were not keen to embrace it, even though it was faster, no risk, productive etc.

If we look at Social media, the first issue is people think its an additional area to spend time on – what they find difficult to accept is, its the new way of life where social is getting fused into their old way of life. Then you have all types of other reasons – lack of time, risk involved to their image, saying something which is original( not prepared by someone else for them) etc. The first step is to accept the new normal, then perhaps take baby steps – try it within a closed group, then keep pushing the boundaries and go truly social. Its better to try it out yourself instead of being forced into it and playing catch-up.


#McKinsey: Agency Upheaval? Something’s Gotta Give – My comments #Technology #Leadership

Agency Upheaval? Something’s Gotta

Great post David

I think technology is driving hard in 3 key areas

1/ Demand side is pulling in Supply side – ie Agencies members pulled into client side, journalists joining corp.comms, similar to what happened when Desktop publishing came. This includes consumers pulling in marketing/branding/pricing and others areas from the supply side into the demand domain forcing supply side to become enablers and aggregators.
2/ Reduced barriers for start-ups – the number of tech start-ups have just shot up, though some are getting acquired by large companies, customer impact tech is exposing the rigidity of larger companies when it comes to adoption, again giving the edge to start-ups
3/ Replaces/pulls in other products/services in – Digital camera, credit cards, car keys, TV remote etc are getting replaced/pulled in by smart phones

Technology ‘Empowers’ and ‘Levels’ things.

Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results – My Comments

Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results – My Comments #marketing

Key point is benefits outweigh the threat. Two points from my side

– Shift in Mindset: Over time we’ll see a solution or new approach to deal with the so called threats or the perception of threat itself will change. If we look back in time, when Cloud and Software as a Service (Saas) started creating some buzz in the 90’s, there was a lot of talk about the threat and then slowly adoption picked up. Same goes with Open source software, after talks about threat, control etc, open source is gaining traction, mainly where speed to market and tapping crowd-expertise is key. In 2012, IBM replaced its Oracle/Siebel CRM (which is a heavy weight) with SugarCRM(Opensource). We’ve seen similar apprehensions regarding mobile payments, see my blog: Seven factors affecting Mobile advertising and payments

– Control and Governance: We’ve had decades of corporate approach involving structuring something, having governance, and then controlling it to improve efficiency gains. Efficiency is quickly becoming table stakes now and the new game is about effectiveness and relevance. With social networking, the networked organisation doesn’t fully fit into this ‘structure drives efficiency only’ model; we have an additional model ‘unstructured leverage drives effectiveness and relevance’. Corporate intellectual property is a bit fuzzy now, with core intellectual property with the company and a distributed intellectual property with its ‘Influencer’ employee/customer community. So in an increasingly crowd-sourced environment, companies that try to control most of the activities within the company, might slow down the pace and receive reduced value. See my blog: Social networking could have saved Kodak? 

My blog on Customer Experience Management which talks about networked approach – 5 Steps To Success On The Customer Experience Journey

Marketers, Don’t Just Publish; Be a Publisher My comments

Marketers, Don’t Just Publish; Be a Publisher My comments @McKinsey

My views:

One has to be prepared to ‘err’ in order to move from publish to publisher mode.

Many times ‘perceived credibility erosion’ tends to be the hurdle,

– active people/companies become publishers and build on solid credibility,

– the passive ones only publish and build on hallow

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