Moneyball For Sales And Marketing

Moneyball For Sales And Marketing

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Great post Steve,
Regarding the gap when it comes to business case related content creation, one needs to have a deeper understanding of their business proposition and should be in a position to map it to the customer need. This being very specific, its tends to be outside the comfort zone of content writers who focus purely on early stage prospecting ( email, web content etc).
Not many marketers take a customer meeting even in a B2B scenario. Once they do, they’ll be able to connect with sales in a very different way and their content contribution towards business cases would transform. I’m saying this from personal experience of taking customer, analyst and 3rd party advisory meetings across EMEA. This approach really helps in bridging the sales-marketing gap because you end up speaking the same language and are in a position to understand their problems better.


The Barriers To Innovation, And How To Break Through

The Barriers To Innovation, And How To Break Through

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I’ve noticed 2 other reasons

Credibility at stake: If you take the same apple example, the difference between each iphone version released was incremental. The success of its iphone models, brings a lot of credibility, which in turn creates a lot of innovation self-doubt or filtering internally, thinking the new idea wont live up to the expectations. An analogy here – children tend to be better at learning languages, one of the reasons is that they don’t hesitate to make mistakes, whereas as adults we tend to think our credibility is at stake if we make mistakes and hesitate, hence learning languages is slow.

Avoiding Cannibalization of existing products/services: Imagine there was a new idea within apple, but the idea would have cannibalized the revenue streams from iphone, apple team would have filtered it. This is what happened at Kodak,covered in my blog –

How Starbucks, Walmart And IBM Launch Brands Internally And What You Can Learn From Them

How Starbucks, Walmart And IBM Launch Brands Internally And What You Can Learn From Them

My comment:

Thanks to connected media, companies have now started doing what they should have done a long time back. A continued gap between the brand positioning and the product/service perception will only lead to a trust deficit which will be very difficult to rebuild once few incidents go viral.
Its critical for companies to build ecosystems of supporters and critiques in order to have a sustainable growth story. Days of pure external marketing are over: one must focus on real internal change to impact external benefits, though it takes time to do it, it has a better success rate in the era of an empowered employee/customer with a digital voice.

For The Modern Marketer, Hearing (Market) Voices Is A Good Thing

For The Modern Marketer, Hearing (Market) Voices Is A Good Thing

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Companies that listen to the market tend to come up with transformational innovation whereas the ones that listen only to their customer ecosystem tend come up with incremental innovation.

There are many examples where companies have lost out just because this simple approach was not followed – Kodak casestudy where Ive mentioned in point 1 about a particular route to build a sustainable ecosystem.

Your Next Marketing Weapon: Corporate Culture

Your Next Marketing Weapon: Corporate Culture

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Agree that corporate culture has a key role to play n marketing, i would argue that the reverse is equally important. In the digital age where there is so much power with the customer ecosystem due to connected media, marketing has to leverage the company employees across all departments in order to build a platform where the company listens to and interacts with influencers and customers.

Good or bad, word of mouth as just gone viral, companies need to tap into the network of employees to be succesful. The siloed, command and control approach wont work in towards crowd-sourced customer interactions.

My blog on a similar topic at Kodak

Deep Thought of the Day: Who’s Really Driving This Digital Marketing Bus?

Deep Thought of the Day: Who’s Really Driving This Digital Marketing Bus?

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For sure there is a lot of buzz and action about CMOs and their marketing technology budget and also comparisons with CIOs. Buying technology is only 1 part of ROMI( Return on Marketing Investment) the next part is to integrate it with other systems internally and also have a good Data management platform in order to have a seamless connection of customer data ( otherwise you’ll have more fragmentation).Now to do all this, its critical to have the CIO on board the marketing digital bus.

How Do You Find The Time For Social Media?

How Do You Find The Time For Social Media?

My comment:

Nice one Michael,
Just like the importance of having 5 a day for good health; for me social media is part of my 5 a day for work in order to build a well rounded & relevant outlook over time

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