Forbes: Your Brand As An API: Why You’ve Lost Control Of Your Messaging – my comments #Branding #Marketing

Forbes: Your Brand As An API: Why You’ve Lost Control Of Your Messaging

Brand managers need to move away from the message create/distribute mode to enable/aggregate mode, in a way mirroring how business models are changing along these lines.

The early days of experimenting with social media programs are over; the focus now is not only about fans and followers but also about customers and advocates (Social CRM Transformation and the path ahead ).

Companies have to implement something what I call Total Customer Experience (TCE) similar to Total Quality Management, good customer experience wont happen in isolation by front line folks (5 Steps To Success On The Customer Experience Management Journey)



Are Machines On The Net Making Humans Obsolete?

Forbes: Are Machines On The Net Making Humans Obsolete?

I believe ‘Creative’ humans on the net are making ‘non-creative’ ones obsolete.The New Normal is Create & Consume not Create OR Consume.

The Industrial Age was about efficiency, whereas the Information Age is about effectiveness. If people are not contributing to the effectiveness value chain and being only on the consumption side of the value proposition, then they are moving towards the edge, of course the rate of this varies across industries/countries.

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How To Predict The Future

How To Predict The Future

Great article Mike!

When I read this line ‘Life is just plain easier when you can see what’s ahead of you.’ I was thinking about a guideline that worked for me, to draw an analogy –

Imagine a leader as the brain, and each person around him/her brings signals of sight, speech, listening, olfactory etc. if the leader doesnt understand the role of each of the members bringing these signals, he/she will run into brickwalls, etc because either the signal is not processed/valued or people shut that signal because they dont trust the leader. Each personhas an important role to play and the leader has to value, leverage and nuture it.

People forget the talk, but they remember the walk.

How To Be In Over Your Head Without Drowning

How To Be In Over Your Head Without Drowning

Nice one Mike!

If I take your surfing example:

A leader with humility would openly talk about it to his/her team members and get them to be mentally prepared for such events in future.

A leader who promotes heroism may not like to openly share this, creating a bubble of heroism and even worse – promotes a culture of firefighting as norm instead of planning.
When an emergency door becomes a normal route, what will happen in an emergency situation – system/mind will stall.

2013 CRM Market Share Update: 40% Of CRM Systems Sold Are SaaS-Based

2013 CRM Market Share Update: 40% Of CRM Systems Sold Are SaaS-Based

My Comment:

Great note Louis,
No doubt Saas has changed the game, open source is also an interesting alternative ( Sugar CRM ).
Here is my blog on CEM/CRM

6 Ways To Conquer Leadership Pressure

6 Ways To Conquer Leadership Pressure

My comments:

Nice one Mike,

When the internal pressure of the leader is more than the external one, you see the person bursting with energy and inspires others, when the external pressure is more than the internal one, they implode and/or consume all the positive energy around them.

As the proverb goes ‘ Smooth seas didn’t make a skilled sailor’ 🙂

3 Tips for Getting Your Company to Move, Now

3 Tips for Getting Your Company to Move, Now

My Comment:

Communication of intent by leaders is something that gets the ball rolling, otherwise it would start with misinterpretations, fear of the unknown and resistance. Similarly employees need to understand and accept that all changes may not be beneficial to them, and if so, this is an opportunity to table them, understand the reasons and decide to go for a skills upgrade.

Change is never easy, but it becomes digestable when you accept it and adapt on your own, instead of being forced into it by a scenario/business model that has changed.

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