#HBR Connect, Then Lead – My Comments

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My Comments:

The command and control type of organisations ( including military) over decades and centuries has led to many people adopting this fear tactic in order to get things done – so this forms a ‘Push type’ approach to get things done in a ripple effect.
In a network based era which is emerging, creativity is key & tapping into various skill-sets across boundaries where people are really good at and are passionate about something, such fear tactics don’t work, it pushes people away. ‘Pull type’ approach works where there is warmth, where one is fair and firm at the same time, this helps you create space and move forward. And this is the mindset that Millennials appreciate. When you engage with them, you can see resonance, when you are cold or try fear tactic you simply enrage them and you’ll see dissonance.

As Deepak Seth rightly points out (above), socio-cultural context is critical and I believe the Millennials have an advantage of testing the waters through social media by understanding and acknowledging such differences, but of course there is a lot to learn. Key to everything is to have an open-mind.

– Ramesh

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