#HBR: Why Successful Companies Stop Growing : My Comments #Leadership #Strategy #Success #Startup

Original Harvard Business Review Blog: Why Successful Companies Stop Growing 

Great post Ron

Most companies have pockets of employees that are either buzzing with energy or lack it. Typically what we notice in start-ups, where people look for feedback externally in order to start up the company and grow ( progress in their career), whereas in some pockets of established companies, employees tend to look for feedback internally to progress their career internally. The former brings market relevance, the latter brings internal relevance, and when this is left unchecked it spreads across leading the company to a wall.

Also this boils down to the culture of an organisation, some try really hard to maintain the start-up culture like google. Innovation and new ideas within start-ups tend to be easier as it is mainly based on market dynamics, and in some existing companies such ideas tend to be picked up based on internal structures/cannibalisation of existing offerings – of course its not an easy balance, but I guess some companies are doing it.

While the founder of Kodak, George Foreman managed to embrace a new trend at the right time twice (once when he turned down profitable dry-plate business to move to film and then when he invested in color film even when their black and white business was doing well), the successive CEO’s managed to stay on the same old trend and failed consistently ( Read more: http://blogs.sap.com/innovation/sales-marketing/social-networking-could-have-saved-kodak-032300)
My blog covers this topic
Titanic, Icebergs And Network Leadership (http://blogs.sap.com/innovation/innovation/titanic-icebergs-and-network-leadership-033027)


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