Making Management as Simple as Frisbee #HBR #Leadership #Networkleadership My comments

Original post from Harvard Business Review

Dear Steve, Great post.

There are 2 keys aspects when we relate Frisbee-Organisation
1/ Network mindset shift: A person throws the frisbee and the dog spots it and takes action; whereas in an organisation, the market throws many frisbees and relevant employees need to see it  and take action. In the digital era with information flowing through different networks, its critical for employees mindset to change towards actively building networks and picking up signals as well instead of relying mainly on old methods.
2/ The changing nine dot puzzle: We are familiar with the ‘Nine dot puzzle’, different ways of approaching it, out-of-the-box thinking etc related to it. In todays situation, the frisbee is not a nine dot puzzle, from the time it was spotted to the time you catch this frisbee, it has changed. So the network should continuously keep many eyes on it and also think/interact about the possible form in which the frisbee will change and build a fluid solution.
My latest blog touches a little bit on Network Leadership – Titanic, Icebergs and Network Leadership – 
– Ramesh
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