Innovation is not a differentiator any more: My comments on Forrester’s Business model & Brand for Innovation

Forrester’s article

Here are my thoughts –

Business model:

There are 3 aspects to business mode – create, capture & deliver value. Lot of companies seem to be thinking mostly about the ‘delivery levers’ of value creation within the business model context, and they are leaving out value creation and capture from their customer experience strategy. There was so much talk about omni-channel and seamless experience etc, which is fine, but for continuous Innovation, companies need to focus on the create/capture phase as well.
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Innovation is no longer a differentiator, Innovation stickiness is – Time to market has a younger cousin now – Time-in-market…

Brand managers have to move from message ‘communicators’ to message ‘interaction enablers’ and/or aggregators, which means giving up control. This bring market insight into the company instead of going into the market and searching for it. The intersection of intellect and insight is what triggers the Innovation spark.
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