Leadership Is More than Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Is More than Interpersonal Skills #leadership #HBR My comments

Agreed Terri

Leadership is more than interpersonal skills and it has always been the case. Its just that in the recent past, the drive for transparency has exposed the ‘interpersonal skills’ point and suddenly you had many people talking about it and others writing about it.

As we’ve noticed in the management transformation journey, new topics pick up on the opportunity/challenge, which is good. The way I see it, the changes in business models are forcing companies to move from departmental structures to more networked structures, the role of the leader is going to change into an enabler than a driver. This means communication of the ‘intent’ is critical – various networks within the organisation would then find a way to respond to the challenge/opportunity in an optimum way ( you’d heard many expressions such as Bring Your own device, Bring your own application, Bring your own network etc)…so from hierarchy to wirearchy.

Set the goals together, communicate the intent, get out of the way and enable where required, otherwise if command & control kicks inm companies would start running with their handbrakes-on, which they cannot afford anymore as the market is moving so fast – companies are on a treadmill these days, you slow down, you fall-off.


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