The Metamorphosis of the CIO – from Jim Stikeleather #HBR

The Metamorphosis of the CIO – from Jim Stikeleather #HBR My comments

My Comments:

Nice post Jim,
I think the CEO-CIO expectation should be a 2 way street just like in any partnership. If CEOs think CIOs don’t understand business, do CEOs understand the customer impact technology that is putting pressure on their business models? (I’m not talking about enterprise systems here).

Point is – everything around us is changing so fast, and is exposing a persons/departments ignorance about the role/bottlenecks of his/her partner.

Companies that are truly ‘networked’ – that have multi-level discussions will survive. The ones that think CIOs need to speak CEO language etc will find it difficult, because the CEO language itself is changing – its not mainly about shareholders anymore, customer voice is raising & ‘Customer Impact’ technology is playing a key role.

The trick is to integrate these ‘Customer Impact’ aspects deep into the organisation and that’s not only systems, but also people, culture etc. 

See my blog on this.…


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