I’m the Boss! Why Should I Care If You Like Me? #HBR

I’m the Boss! Why Should I Care If You Like Me? #HBR My Comments

My Comments:

Imagine this ‘ Your father/mother retired with 1 job, you would retire with 7, your son/daughter will hold 7 jobs at one time’

The previous generation witnessed a ‘Push’ approach from managers, current generation is a mix of push/pull, next generation will be ‘pull’. Technology( social media, enterprise wide collaboration tools, 360 degree reviews etc) is driving this transformation now at a faster pace.

– The ‘Push’ approach: If you look at the military, industrial era, bosses were not comfortable to get closer to their employees, as they’d think it will erode the fear/orders model and feedback will eat into authority. 

– The ‘Pull’ approach: In the knowledge industry, its about agility, time to market, value, by leveraging intellect and insight, which means collaboration & feedback. So if managers don’t have the likable feedback or pull factor, they wont be able to retain the best talent.

Future tagline would be – No one is THE boss

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