The Barriers To Innovation, And How To Break Through

The Barriers To Innovation, And How To Break Through

My comment:

I’ve noticed 2 other reasons

Credibility at stake: If you take the same apple example, the difference between each iphone version released was incremental. The success of its iphone models, brings a lot of credibility, which in turn creates a lot of innovation self-doubt or filtering internally, thinking the new idea wont live up to the expectations. An analogy here – children tend to be better at learning languages, one of the reasons is that they don’t hesitate to make mistakes, whereas as adults we tend to think our credibility is at stake if we make mistakes and hesitate, hence learning languages is slow.

Avoiding Cannibalization of existing products/services: Imagine there was a new idea within apple, but the idea would have cannibalized the revenue streams from iphone, apple team would have filtered it. This is what happened at Kodak,covered in my blog –


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