Fully agree with this statement -’the true promise is where the numbers and patterns from this data connect and become personal — enabling us to understand and to respond to humanity and the world in ways previously unimaginable’.
Infact there are so many organisations that failed because they didnt and couldnt see what was going around them and paid little attention, take Kodak, HMV etc. overtime people in senior levels tend to not listen or analyse the views and changes around them as they tend to think they are experts. My article on ‘Couldn social networking have saved Kodak?’ explores similar aspects from a marketing, employee, social networking, listening, big data analysis perspective

TED Blog

big_data_blogAt TED2011, Deb Roy shared his talk, “The birth of a word,” describing when he and his wife, Rupal Patel, brought home their baby boy for the first time. The pair sought to shoot a different kind of home video: in every room of their house, a camera recorded eight to ten hours of footage a day. [ted_talkteaser id=1092]After three years, Roy had roughly 90,000 hours of video and 140,000 hours of audio. But this wasn’t for sentimental purposes. Instead, they wished to study how a child learns language. The footage became a massive data set for Roy and his research team at MIT. Using unique data visualizations, they were able to track the many subtleties of a child’s learning process that they wouldn’t have been able to do in a lab.

His team wondered: could this kind of analysis be applied to television or, say, Twitter to…

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