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FuturistCMO is dedicated to sharing ideas, views on new marketing and organization culture trends, marketing strategy that drives sustainable business growth across all stakeholders. This blog focuses on fundamental re-alignment factors for CMOs within the enterprise and extended enterprise ecosystem, such as

–       People factor – Empowered customer and employee, suppliers, media, organizational collaboration, moving from Inside-out to Outside-In approach

–       Business Value factor – Value creation and Value experience issues and solutions in order to survive and thrive in the era of Internet of things, Internet of people, Internet of ideas.

–       Technology factor – Marketing, Advertising, Social and Mobile Technology

Based in London, Ramesh Ramakrishnan has been in various EMEA and Global leadership positions covering strategy, marketing, analyst relations, 3rd party advisory, alliances, PR  in the enterprise information technology products and services industry. You can follow Ramesh on Twitter (@Ramesh_Ramki), Linkedin.

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